Ledons are the most original way to pimp up the character of any kind of place, perfectly matching loft office and Scandinavian bathroom in the attic.

They come in a great variety of shapes, colours and styles, always keeping the highest possible level of precision and immaculate quality of manufacturing.

Ledons are very durable because they are made of elastic (flexible) polycarbonate and plexi, instead of fragile glass. 


1.Your slogan our graphics - no problem we like designing
2.Your logo/slogan/idea is already existing send us vector file ( best in .ai/ .eps/ .pdf) and we will do the rest
3.Your design but without vectors - we will still manage


Standard color white so the surface is white as it also shines with white light
Ledon in different color surface of ledon is in chosen color and ledon shines in this color Color can be chosen out of 8
Multi color RGB switched of has white surface after switching on it can have nearly every possible color which you can choose with remote control

Power supply

It is supplied always in 12 V charger
Usually the cable exit is placed on the right side of ledon however possible is also sconce light version
so the cable is coming out of the back of ledon


Ledon can be hanged on the hangers if ledon is large and heavy
The tape can be used if the ledon is not big and wall has smooth surface
Chassis is recommended when ledon is really massive


Comfort of using the device might be increased on special order by adding remote control which allows to switch on or off the ledon, it allows also to choose the light density or if you have ledon RGB you can of course choose color

About Me

I believe that walls are not only to keep ceiling on a safe distance from our heads. I am Dawid and I came to Denmark two years ago besides studying I want to make interiors in Scandinavia more adjusted to their owners and more interesting for their viewers. 

                                                                          Med Venlig Hilsen 

                                                                          Dawid Abramczyk